Altra Volta has been around for almost twenty years, and it would be impossible to last this long and not see some change in our membership. Since our inception, there have been over 30 different people involved in the group! The demands of life—be it school, starting a family, a career, or moving to a new place—have altered the face of Altra Volta many times since the group's formation.

Some alumni join us again later, others return to us as fans, but there is always a fond place in our hearts for each and every one of them.

Past members include:

Ashley Ball
Aileen Har
Heather Osecki
Diep Vu
Mike Beattie
Bryan Hryciw
Summer Posadas
Lindsay Weryshko
Kephun Chazotsang
Kelvin Koay
Cliff Regino
Adrienne Willott
Jacqueline Dipert
Melissa Lebo
Catheryn Salvo
Chris Willott
Megan Ebert
Daniel Mills
Carol Scovil
Lisa Willott
Kevin Geddert
Kate Moore
Elizabeth Stevenson
Tanya Willott
Chad Gibson
Maureen Nicholson
Miranda Stoffman
Jon Yee