Keith Knudsen

Years in the group: 
1998-2001, 2003-2011, 2013-present

Keith has been singing with Altra Volta since 1998 and, after returning from a short hiatus a couple of years back, has been focused on evolving and growing with the group as it continues to find its voice. Most recently, Keith has been experimenting with beat box and running bass lines to help ground the group and provide a strong foundation for the other parts to build on, and has been arranging pieces and trying out new music on his fellow group members.

Keith has been interested in music since he was a kid but didn't find his passion vocally until high school - where he met fellow Altra Voltan Ryan Wagner. Keith sung in both University Vocal Jazz and Chamber choir where he was fortunate to meet many other Altra Voltans. Since graduating from the University, Keith has called Altra Volta his musical home.

When not singing with Altra Volta, Keith is a Professional Engineer in the Renewable Energy Industry. Keith has been building wind farms since 2007 and hopes to continue to grow Canada's renewable energy portfolio including solar. Outside of work, Keith is passionate about gardening and occasionally challenges himself with multi-sport triathlon. Although you probably won't see him in the next Olympics, he sure has fun.