Hilary Aubin Amante

Years in the group: 

Hilary's been singing since she could walk. She is a classically trained musician in both piano and flute, but her first experience in a vocal jazz environment wasn't until high school, where her love for singing was well-nurtured and quickly developed. Her lifelong obsession with music took her to the University of Calgary, where she received her Bachelor's in Music Performance with distinction in 2007, majoring in Flute. Hilary auditioned for the Vocal Jazz Ensemble at the UofC in her first year, but was rejected. So, she put a fresh face forward and found her 'in' with another vocal ensemble when she started dating the university's then Vocal Jazz Star, Noel Amante, and never looked back. He swept her off her feet, and right into Altra Volta.

While she used to spend her evenings teaching piano, flute, and theory lessons, Hilary now spends gloriously endless days and nights as a rock-star mom to her 3 small children. It's a job she adores and wouldn't trade for anything in the entire world - although she's incredibly grateful to be able to share her musical self in Altra Volta, and in performing as half of the Amante Duo; a flute/vocal/guitar duo with her hubby, Noel Amante.

In 2014, Hilary added "Jamberry Independent Consultant" to her title. Now a Team Manager, she's on a mission to empower women and make life beautiful, while spending a few hours every day slinging nail wraps online and supporting the healthy addiction of cute nails for women around the world. 

Hilary's favourite musical influence is Bobby McFerrin. McFerrin's compositions have inspired her for years and are what triggered her passion for transcribing vocal pieces for instrument and vocal combinations. She enjoys the challenge of staying true to vocal emotion and inflection on instruments other than the voice.